A Memoir of Steel and Grit

Developmental Workshop

Dobama Theatre

Tuesday, July 16th, 2024

Playwright: George Brant
Director: Laura Kepley
Artistic Director: Nathan Motta
Stage Manager: Carolina Sutton-Schott

Eliese - Kelly Strand
Actor 1 - Bob Ellis
Actor 2 - Eric Fancher
Actor 3 - Kristie Lang

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Plot Description: This is the true story of one woman's experience in the steel industry, her struggle to find peace, and the courage to rebuild her life. What she uncovers in the belly of a Cleveland steel mill is much more than molten metal and grueling working conditions. Under the steelyard's orange flame, she finds hope. RUST: A MEMOIR OF STEEL AND GRIT is a thrilling World Premiere play, commissioned by Dobama Theatre, and based on the acclaimed memoir of the same name.

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