1964 On Stage and Screen

Hoadley/Lombardo 50th Anniversary event

The Musical Theater Project

July 7, 2024
Brushwood Lodge, Furnace Run Metro Park

Eric Fancher
Caitlin Hamm

Co-hosted by Bill Rudman and Nancy Maier


Description: What were you up to in 1964? As your memories kick in, we’ll see how they connect with the themes offered by the new musicals of that year, and 1964 was an enlightening time: for starters, the great Fiddler on the Roof (the dangers of anti-Semitism and the importance of community), Anyone Can Whistle (the perils of conformity) and Hello, Dolly! (the chance to seize the day). This event is a raffle prize for a married couple and is presented as a special private concert to celebrate their anniversary.

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