West Side Story

Cassidy Theatre

February 27 – March 15, 2009

Director: Kevin Joseph Kelly
Musical Director: Heidi Herczeg
Choreographer: Jennifer Glowe
Costumer: David Glowe

Tony: Barry DeBois
Maria: Trinidad Snider
Riff: Rick McGuigan
Anita: Amiee Collier
Action: Justin Williams
A-Rab: David Turner
Baby John: Colin Bigley
Snowboy: Eric Fancher
Big Deal: Evan Wilhelms
Deisel: Mark McCarthy

Bernardo: Ammen Tommy Suleman
Chino: Cory Zukoski
Luis: Jason Salupo (injured during preview performance, replaced by David Glowe)
Anxious: Aaron Kastanis
Graziella: Richelle Dykstra

Velma: Debbie Jenkins
Minnie: Kate Klotzbach
Anybodys: Holly Harris
Rosalia: Bridget Chebo
Consuela: Devon Shriver
Teresita: Kelle Carney
Francisca: Shannon McPeek
Estella: Elisha Abelow
Rosita: Elya Starek
Doc: Joe McIntyre (hospitalized, replaced in the third week with Kent Overton)
Lt. Schrank: Russell Harris
Officer Krupke: John Burtyk (replaced in the third week by Patrick Ciamacco)
Glad Hand: Mickey Martinez


Plot Description: WEST SIDE STORY reimagines Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in 1950s New York City. A bitter rivalry between two teenage street gangs, the american-born Jets and the Puerto Rican immigrant sharks is forever altered by a Forbidden Love Affair between the young couple Tony and Maria. The story star-crossed lovers struggle to rise above the hatred and intolerance that surrounds them. This Smash Hit musical was heralded as an electrifying Moment In Theater history but it was open in 1957 and today, it remains as powerful, poignant and timely as ever.

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Original Cast Recording
Performed by Trinidad Snider, Amiee Collier, Rick McGuigan, Barry DeBois and Cast