These Are The Times

World Premiere

Cleveland Public Theatre

March 7 - 9, 2013

Author: David Hansen
Director: Mark Cipra
Costumer: Heather Brown
Multimedia Designer: Josh Brown

Woman 1, Hostess: Laura Rauh
Woman 2, Act 2 Narrator: Carrie Williams
Woman 3, Julia: Valerie C. Kilmer
Man 1, Jack Parr: Joseph Dunn
Man 2, Mister Bear: Doug Kusak
Man 3, Danny: Eric Fancher
Man 4, Desmond: Kyle Carthens
Man 5, Barney: Tom Cullinan
Man 6, Congressman: Tim Keo


Plot Description: Fact and fiction overlap in this theatrical panorama of Cleveland's heyday. Bernard Schrader discovers a life in the theater during the Cleveland Centennial, 1936, but decisions made then bring down a fledgling improv comedy troupe during the 1950s Red Scare.

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Around Noon with Dee Perry
Guests: Christine Howey, Beth Wood, David Hansen for Big Box at CPT
Scene Performed from These Are The Times: (at 4:45)

Around Noon - These Are The Times at Cleveland Public Theatre