The Simple Truth

Rocky River High School

January 13 - 14, 2006

Director: Michelle Olszweski

Reverend Hopkins: Brad Bernard
Emmett Harper: Joe Dunn
Nancy Harper: Rachel Drake
Effie Granby: Grace Czerniawski
Harlan Granby: Eric Fancher
Mrs. Crosby: Taylor Wharton
Mrs. Brewster: Kelly Lenhart
Ed Chase: Devin Ruic
Mrs. Gibbs: Kali Fencl
Mr. Gibbs: Jackson Soat


Plot Description: Emmett Harper is so impressed by the minister’s sermon on honesty that he resolves to turn over a new leaf and be completely truthful no matter what is asked of him. This poses problems at work, in his father-in-law’s grocery store, where Emmett is obliged to admit to customers that the bread is stale and the oranges and grapefruit could be juicier. But the real problems come up later at dinner with his family, when Emmett confesses to his new bride, Nancy, that he hates her kidney stew and always has. Nancy goes off in tears of confusion, as she had assumed that this was one of his favorites. Emmet’s truthfulness soon becomes contagious and infects the whole family, which threatens to tear the household apart. It’s Emmett’s father-in-law, though, whose ultimate truth about his daughter’s pregnancy, turns out to bring them all back together.

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