The Rocky Horror Show

Cassidy Theatre

October 24 – November 1, 2008

Director: Meghan Wallace
Assistant Direstor: Christopher B. Wallace
Musical Director: Heidi Herczeg
Chroegrapher: Jennifer Glowe
Costume Designer: David Glowe

Frank'n'Furter: Michael D. Chiappe
Riff Raff: James Langa
Magenta: Amiee Collier
Columbia: Kristin Netzband
Janet: Miranda Fantz
Brad: Eric Fancher
Rocky: Peter Haftkowycz
Eddie: Shawn Perry
Dr. Scott: Tom Castro
Narrator: Kevin Joseph Kelly
Phantoms: Joshua Baum, Melanie Leibold, Caron Wykle, Jordan Renee Malin, Sarah Clare, Tarah Rein, Maureen Clark, Andy Slimak, Matalia Haftkowycz, Jess Flesher


Plot Description: Brad and Janet are an innocent young couple who run into some car trouble and decide to ask the inhabitants of a creepy castle for some help. Little do they know one of those inhabitants, Dr. Frank N. Furter, is bent on world domination and creating the “perfect man.” They are soon to be dragged into his unusual and nefarious plans in this campy and fun classic rock musical send-up of 1950s science fiction films. Featuring a rock soundtrack, this unique musical will both involve the audience and whip them into a frenzy.

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