The Diary of Anne Frank

Beck Center for the Arts

January 26 – February 9, 2008

Director: Sarah May

Anne Frank: Heather Farr
Otto Frank: George Roth
Edith Frank: Anne McEvoy
Margot Frank: Lisa Siciliano
Miep Gies: Dawn Youngs
Peter Van Daan: Eric Fancher
Mrs. Van Daan: Paula Duessing
Mr. Van Daan: Brian Bartels
Mr. Kraler: Robert McCoy
Mr. Dussel: Mark Cipra
First Man: John Stuehr
Second Man: Jon Fancher
Third Man: Gareth Harris

Funcoast Review
CoolCleveland Review, by Marcus Bales (easier to read link)

Plot Description: The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the most famous and haunting stories to emerge from the 20th Century. The memoirs of this young Jewish girl, forced to hide for nearly two years to escape Nazi persecution, are an essential part of how we remember one of the darkest periods of our human history. Wendy Kesselman’s adaptation of the original, Pulitzer Prize award-winning script by Goodrich and Hackett draws from previously unpublished parts of Anne Frank’s real-life diary, allowing the audience to experience Anne in a way that breathes life into this passionate, complex young woman, allowing us to share her relatable experience of adolescence as a familiarly modern teenager. For nearly two years, Anne, her father, mother, and sister, joined with the Van Daan family, to hide in a secret annex space above her father’s former office in Amsterdam, as the Nazis deported the Jews of Holland to their deaths. In her secret attic, Anne comes of age: she laughs, plays, fights with her mother, and falls in love for the first time. In spite of her oppressive circumstances and the horrors that surround her, Anne’s spirit transcends, as she voices her belief, “in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart.” Anne’s dynamism, her luminous spirit, and her story of resilience continue to resonate deeply, making her story as vital today as when her diary first was published.

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