Near West Theatre

November 20 - December 13, 2015

Director: Robert Navis, Jr.
Musical Director: Matt Dolan
Choreographer: Sarah Clare
Stage Manager: Ryan Wolf
Costumer: Jen Ryan
Production Manager: T. Paul Lowry

Technical Director: Josh Padgett
Assistant Technical Director and Video Designer: Perren Hedderson
Scenic and Properties Designer: Laura Carlson Tarantowski
Lighting Designer: Rob Wachala
Sound Designer: Joshua Caraballo
Properties Master: Jessica Rosenlieb

Bob Cratchit: Eric Fancher
Ebeneezer Scrooge: Kevin Kelly
Jacob Marley: Jim Malloy
Ethel Cratchit: Angie Bendahan
Ghost of Christmas Present: Tom Hill
Harry: Malcom Himschoot
Ghost of Christmas Past: Jen Ryan
Isabel: Emily Plank
Mrs. Fezziwig: Amanda Bender
Jocelyn Jollygoode: Sharron DeCosta
Tom Jenkins: Antonio DeJesus
Mr. Fezziwig: Hans Holznagel
Bissett the Butcher: Dave Hopkins
Bess the Fruit Seller: Corinne Howery
Mrs. Dilber: Meg Kilbane
Miss Dilber: Lisa Mortensen
Mary: Lin Mullin
Tiny Tim: Phil Pantalone
Hugo Hearty: Sam Pantalone
Dick Wilkins: Scott Pyle
Young Scrooge, The Wine Merchant: Anthony Salatino
Ensemble: Charles Adams, Asha-Bryanna Brown, Maya Clark, Jackson Coleman, Kylie Colvin, Brooklyn Grace Crandall, Jackie Dykes, Edward Gale, Madeleine Hayden, Tyler Hensley-Edelman, Alana Hensley-Edelman, Sophie Hull, Angellise Irizarry, Louis Johnson II, Bryen Kilbane, Bradley Kohl, Jonas Kukelhan, Ste-vee Lang, Jack Lange, Jim Lengel, Amora Long, Sam Maistros, James Malloy, Peet McCain, Jasmine Miller, Elden Andrew Mortensen, Ariel Russell, Tyler Schuerlein, Ava Tapajna, Kyanie Vazquez, Aaliyah Wilson

AXS Review, by Mark Horning
Land of Cleve Review, by Rich Stimac
Cellar Door Cleveland Review, by Annie Nickoloff (No longer accessible)

Plot Description: It’s 1860, and the stingy and cranky Ebenezer Scrooge HATES Christmas. Scrooge loathes people, wishes for the decrease of the surplus of the poor population, and runs his bank exploiting his employee Bob Cratchit and clients, giving bitter treatment to his own nephew and acquaintances. However, on Christmas Eve, he is visited by the doomed ghost of his former partner Jacob Marley, who tells him that three spirits will visit him that night. This classic story of awakening and redemption features all the songs from the film, including the Oscar nominated song “Thank You Very Much.”

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The Sound of Applause with Dee Perry
Guests: Bob Navis, Eric Fancher, Kevin Kelly, Angie Bendahan, Amanda Bender, Antonio DeJesus
Songs Performed: Thank You Very Much (at 5:02), I'll Begin Again (at 14:37)

The Sound of Applause - Scrooge! at Near West Theatre.mp3