Peter Pan

Beck Center for the Arts

December 5, 2008 – January 4, 2009

Director: Fred Sternfeld
Musical Staging & Choreography: Martin Cespedes
Music Director: Larry Goodpaster
Scenic Design: Ben Needham
Costume Design: Aimee Kluiber
Light Design: Michael Boll
Sound Designer: Richard Ingraham
Stage Manager: Diana D'Alessandro
Assistant Stage Managers: Rachel Budin, Tony Weishar
Assistant Director: Randi Sternfeld
Dance Captain: Sarah Clare
Technical Director: Joe Carmola
Fight Choreographer / Props: John C. Davis
Flying: ZFX Flying Effects
Special Effects: Woodie Anderson

Dialect Coach: Beth McGee

Wendy Darling: Kelly Smith
John Darling: Lincoln Sandham
Nana: Gregory K. White
Michael Darling: Stephen Sandham
Liza: Rachel Fichter
Mrs. Darling: Maggie Stahl-Floriano
Mr. Darling / Captain Hook: Michael Mauldin
Peter Pan: John Paul Soto
Crocodile: Michael Columbro
Lion: Evan Wilhelms
Kangaroo: John Peters
Ostrich: Maggie Stahl-Floriano
Slightly: Nick Hyland
Tootles: Santino Russo
Nibs: Douglas Puskas
Curly: Billy Lawrence
1st Twin: Alex Dilallo
2nd Twin: Jesse Markowitz
Smee: Brendan Sandham
Cecco: Gregory K. White
Bill Jukes: Trey Gilpin
Starkey: Bob Abelman
Mullins: Brian Altman
Noodler: Eric Fancher
McLeish: Clayton Sandham
Hans: Aaron D. Elersich
Murphy: Tim Allen
The Indians: Erin DiLauro, Jana Marie Burkhardt, Holly Harris, Kate Buddenhagen,
Kelsey Smith, Sarah Clare, Tia Karaplis
Tiger Lily - Alexis Floyd
Older Wendy - Lindsey Sandham
Jane - Natalie Welch

Cleveland Jewish News Review, Fran Heller
RealNeo Review, Evelyn Kiefer
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Lakewood Observer Review, Susan Fenske

Plot Description: Flying boy Peter Pan and his fairy companion Tinkerbell encounter Wendy and her brothers when flying through London searching for Peter’s shadow. When Wendy helps Peter sew it back on, he offers to take them all to his home in Neverland where they meet the Lost Boys and encounter the evil Captain Hook. The conflict between Peter and Hook takes center stage as the magical adventure turns dangerous and teaches everyone the true power of friendship.

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The Sound of Applause with Dee Perry
Guests: Fred Sternfeld, John Paul Soto, Kelly Smith, Michael Mauldin
Songs Performed: Neverland (at 5:23), Hook's Tango (at 14:30), I Gotta Crow (19:10)

Around Noon - Peter Pan at Beck Center.mp3