Clague Playhouse

September 14 – October 7, 2007

Director: Ron Newell

Raymond Shapley: Neil Donnelly
Michael Willis: Eric Fancher
Katherine Willis: Elaine Feagler
Marion Bishop: Zoe Harper
Doris Meacham: Lynette Maistros
Dr. Andrew Thorne: Dennis Runkle
Laura Vinnecombe: Jennifer Warren

WestLife Review, Art Thomas (Image)
WestLife Review, Art Thomas (Archived Website)

Plot Description: Marion Bishop, an elderly writer of romantic novels, is dying. Katherine Willis, a kind soul from the nearby village, looks after her in a most caring way, while coping with her mentally retarded brother of twenty. When Katherine takes leave to attend her cousins wedding in Scotland, an experienced nurse from London, comes to take care of the bedridden writer on the recommendation of the local doctor.

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