Honk! Jr.

Fairmount Performing Arts Conservatory

July 29 - August 1, 2010

Director/Choreographer: Sarah Clare
Assistant Director: Eric Fancher
Musical Director: Brad Lindeman-Wyner
Artistic Director: Fred Sternfeld

Ugly: Mark Oet
Ida: Rebecca Chaney
Drake: Miles Sternfeld
Maureen: Monica Nemeth
Beaky: Cara Corrigan
Fluff: Danica Murthy
Billy: Sophia Dennis
Downy: Olivia Hersh
The Cat: Tia Karaplis
The Turkey: Ethan Newburger
Henrietta/Blizzard Solo: Hannah Watson
Greylag: Kyle Whitlach
Dot: Jade Shimooka
Barnacles: Leah Saltzer
Snowy: Sara Saltzer
Pinkfoot: Allison Factor
Grace: Gray Flint-Vrettos
Bullfrog: Ashleigh Nagy
Penny: Jessica Pollak
Mother Swan: Danielle Scharf, Zoe Simon
Father Swan: Mathhew McAllister
Bewick: Matthew Taylor
Jay Bird: Julia Finkenthal
Frog Solo: Andrea Freidberg


Plot Description: Honk! Jr. is a contemporary retelling of the Hans Christian Anderson story, "The Ugly Duckling".

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