Antony and Cleopatra

Cleveland Shakespeare Festival

June 19 – August 1, 2009

Director: Alison Garrigan
Stage Manager: Danielle Hisey

Dolabella/Captain/Ventidius: Marc V. McNair (Aaron D. Elersich covered the last weekend)
Agrippa: Allen Branstein
Mardian/Varrius: Robert Daniels
Messenger 2: Christina Dennis
Soldier 3/Demitrius: Alex DiLallo
Scarus/Messenger 1: Eric Fancher
Soldier 2/Philo: Stephen Farkas
Cleopatra: Carly Germany
Domitius Enobarbus: Keith Kornajcik
Charmian: Liz Jones
Thyreus/Mecaenas: Steven Madden
Eros: John Jack Matuszewski
Pompey/Diomedes: Nathan Miller
Marc Antony: Brian Pedaci
Menas/Seleucus: Eric Perusek
Soldier 1/Silius: Brian Ritchey
Lepidus/Euphroneus: Larry Seman
Alexas/Proculieus: Jeff Sneed
Iras: Hannah Storch
Soothsayer/Canidius/Menecrates: Tina Thompkins
Octavius Caesar: Dusten Welch
Octavia: Katie Wells

The Plain Dealer Review, Tony Brown

Plot Description: Written by William Shakespeare, this play about the love affair between the Roman general Antony and the Egyptian queen Cleopatra is wrought with distress and suffering, as the couple’s blind passion for one another eventually leads to their downfall and death.

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