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The Music Man: In Concert

Cain Park (Evans Amphitheater)

Director: Joanna May Hunkins
Music Director: Jordan Cooper

Harold Hill: Eric Fancher
MarianNicole Sumlin*
WinthropEaston Sumlin
AmaryllisCalista Zajac
Mrs. ParooNan Golz
Mrs. ShinnJeanne Task
Mayor ShinnDarryl Lewis*
Gracie ShinnSun-Hee Smith
MarcellusChris Richards*
Tommy DjilasFrank Ivancic
Constable/ConductorJon M. Fancher
Carlie CowellJim Bray*
ZaneetaGrace Hunt
Alma HixKate Michalski
Maud DunlopJailyn Sherell Harris
Mrs. SquiresJulie Sabroff
Ethel ToffelmeirSarah Clare
The River City School Board QuartetThe Cornerstone Quartet (Fred Locker, Chris Foisy, Mike Sabo, David Hipp)
* member, Actor's Equity Association

Jeffrey Bendix, Joan Bendix, Stephen Bundy, Maple Buescher, Nicolas Bustamante, Lexi Cowan, Mary DeNunzio, Courtney Foerg, Trey Gilpin, Jade Gladue, Johnathon L. Jackson, Gabriel Mallamad, Ryan Michaels, Lili Evangelina Miller, Ryan C. Miller, Shawn Miller, Luca Mokotoff, Sienna Mokotoff, Brian Mueller, Elisha Mueller, Keegan Polatz, Connor Logan Reese, Will Sanborn, Matthew Smetana, Corlesia Smith, Nick Sobotka, Jake Spencer, Sam Spencer, August Sumlin, Rosie Tilk, Cecilia Willets, Cordelia Willets, Grace Willmott, Hannah Woodside

Rave and Pan Review, by Christine Howey

Show description: The plot concerns con man Harold Hill, who poses as a boys' band organizer and leader and sells band instruments and uniforms to naive townsfolk before skipping town with the cash. In River City, Iowa, prim librarian and piano teacher Marian Paroo sees through him, but when Hill helps her younger brother overcome his fear of social interactions due to his lisp, Marian begins to fall in love with Harold. Harold, in turn falling for Marian, risks being caught to win her.