Evil Dead The Musical, Blank Canvas Theatre (2019)

"If there ever is a zombie apocalypse, one couldn't get stuck with a finer group of powerhouse performers. Eric Fancher leads the pack in the iconic role of Ash, an everyman who has to muster up the courage to take on a slew of sinister savages."

- Rich Stimac, LandOfCleve

The cast is animated and full of campy fun. They are over the top, and also know how to milk a pause. Fancher’s Ash is confident and charming."

- Kate Klotzbach,

A Little Night Music, Lakeland Civic Theatre (2018)

"Talented Eric Fancher, another vocal and acting master, creates a properly self-loathing Henrik, Frederick's son, who is hopelessly in love with his step-mother."

- Roy Berko, BroadwayWorld

"Portrayals of the bombastic Count, the intense young Henrik and the cad Fredrik all too easily can focus on those singular characteristics. But Atwood, Fancher and Albrecht, respectively, are remarkably accessible, likable and in great voice."

- Bob Abelman, Cleveland Jewish News

"Meanwhile, Fredrik’s intense son Henrik (an excellent Eric Fancher) is longing for Anne and waiting agonizingly for his life to begin. "

- Christine Howey, SCENE

Merrily We Roll Along, Lakeland Civic Theatre (2018)

"Handsome Eric Fancher charms as Franklin. His strong vocalizations and effective acting make the character live."

- Roy Berko, BroadwayWorld

"And [director Friedman] casts personable and Sondheim-savvy performers in the featured roles, who can mine every necessary nuance in their songs to give their characters the dimensionality and texture the show requires.  Fancher beautifully balances Franklin’s edginess with vulnerability, particularly in the song “Growing Up” and in his interactions with his first wife Beth, and man-eater second wife Gussie."

-Bob Abelman, Cleveland Jewish News

"Leading this cast is Eric Fancher, who serves up a fascinating and intriguing Franklin Shepard. His voice is to die for, and the emotional journey is incredibly well-crafted. Especially, creating an arc that moves backwards. Handsome in stature, he provides a vulnerability that is palatable. When he begins Our Time, his voice melts every stick of butter in a 10 mile radius. In this reviewer’s opinion quite arguably one of his best performances given in memory."

-Kevin Kelly, TPOGraphy

"Inhabiting this evocative environment is an all-star ensemble of Cleveland's musical theatre talents, led by Eric Fancher, Amiee Collier, Trey Gilpin, and Neely Gevaart. This powerhouse quartet makes the time-traveling tale intellectually and emotionally compelling."

- Rich Stimac, LandOfCleve

He has an ideal cast in his trio of leads. Eric Fancher as the successful but troubled Frank seems to haunt his own life like Marley’s ghost, imprisoned by the chains of his success."

- Linda Eisenstein, CoolCleveland

The Rocky Horror Show
 Blank Canvas Theatre (2017)

"Eric Fancher and Meg Martinez sing powerfully and are spot-on as dorky Brad and Janet"

- Christine Howey, Cleveland Scene

"Ken-doll Eric Fancher (Brad) and Gidget-cute Meg Martinez (Janet) display vocal and acting skills (especially when reaching the heights of their sexual releases) as the star-crossed lovers."

-Roy Berko, Cool Cleveland

"Eric Fancher and Meg Martinez make the perfect prim-and-proper pair as Brad and Janet."

-Rich Stimac, Land of Cleve

Godspell, Cain Park (2015)

"Eric Fancher pumps a lot of zazz into several of his characterizations. [...] Colleen Longshaw and Fancher provide a reliable vocal foundation for show-stopping numbers such as 'Bless the Lord' and 'We Beseech Thee.'"

- Christine Howey, Rave and Pan

Violet, Lakeland Civic Theatre (2015)

"A powder keg of sexuality...Fancher is a hot bed of fiery vocals and a strong sense of center and passion, and fierce stage presence."

- Kevin Joseph Kelly, TPOGraphy

"The only thing not small or understated is the talent on stage.  The absolutely phenomenal singing voice, the remarkable comfort on stage, the complexity and feisty charm – (Neely) Gevaart has in spades.  It would be impossible to take your eyes off of her if not for the other featured players who share these same traits, including Eugene Sumlin and Eric Fancher as soldiers Flick and Monty."

- Bob Abelman, Cleveland Jewish News

"Eric Fancher makes Monty a character who is more than just a lug who wants to get some"

- Christine Howey, Rave and Pan

The Frogs
, Cain Park

"Eric Thomas Fancher handled the ferryman Charon's schticky lines with Borscht-Belt aplomb."

Donald Rosenberg, The Sondheim Review

"One of the funniest characters in this show is Charon, the ferryman of Hades, played with one liner brilliance by Eric Thomas Fancher. Killing me. His one eyed patched creepy ferryman gig was outstanding. And just as entertaining as Aekos, the Gatekeeper."

- Kevin Joseph Kelly, TPOGraphy (2014 Tpography "Theatrical Performance of Greatness")

"Eric Fancher is hilarious as a quirky boatman on the River Styx."

- Review

Armed with Herakles' Bam-Bam club and hidden under the hero's lion skin, Dionysos makes his way to the River Styx and books passage on a boat ferried by Charon (a wry, wisecracking Eric Thomas Fancher). "If you're a stiff, get in the skiff to perdition," he quips. "All aboard, no delay, as long as you're DOA."

- Andrea Simakis, The Plain Dealer

Godspell, Blank Canvas Theatre (2013)

"Especially effective was Eric Thomas Fancher whose “Light of the World” was dynamic and the strongest vocal solo."

- Roy Berko, News-Herald

"Eric Thomas Fancher is the king of one liners. Delivered with a dead pan accuracy, and as I like to call it 'A comedic fade away jumper'. It takes a few seconds, and then you are laughing your ass off. With strong vocals to boot, Captain Kirk would have been proud. His hair needed to take a curtain call."

- Kevin Joseph Kelly, TPOGraphy

Monty Python's Spamalot
, Beck Center for the Arts (2013)

"In the brilliant 'The Song That Goes Like This' — performed by Cope and Eric Thomas Fancher as Sir Galahad, fetching in a girlie platinum wig — the two pay homage to the formulaic numbers that fill out too many Broadway shows."  "The cast, with most members playing multiple parts, is a gas, though special props go to [...] Fancher.  In addition to Galahad, he plays a homophobic parent and the squirming torso that is the Black Knight. Brained by Lancelot with a shovel moments before the curtain call, Fancher dove to the ground, cutting himself on his body mike, returning to take his bows pressing a wad of gauze to his forehead.

Word is it was only a flesh wound."

- Andrea Simakis, The Plain Dealer

"King Arthur is played as a regal moron with perfect comic timing by Dougfred Miller and is matched, well-delivered punch-line for well-delivered punch-line, by [...] Eric Thomas Fancher as Sir Galahad."  "In 'The Song That Goes Like This,' a self-effacing critique of the inane songs typically sung in Broadway shows by romantic leads, [Jessica L. Cope] and Fancher, as Galahad, nail the complex harmonies, sustain the high notes and broad comedic undertones, and own the audience"

- Bob Abelman, News-Herald

"The show is chock full of amazing standouts [...] Eric Thomas Fancher as Dennis Galahad, Herbert’s Father and the Black Knight."

- Mark Horning,

Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, Near West Theatre (2013)

"Some delightful highlights: ...Eric Fancher taking away Shekinah “Coco” Smith’s heroin works during [No Love] You’re Not Alone;"

- Thomas Mulready,

The Texas Chainsaw Musical!, Blank Canvas Theatre (2012 and 2013)

"Also turning in superb, well-rounded performances are...Eric Thomas Fancher, as Steven, the self-described 'pantywaist runt.'"

- Bob Abelman, Chagrin Valley Times (2012)

"Other notables are ...Eric Thomas Fancher as Steven who is also equipped with a superb set of pipes..."

- Mark Horning, (2013)

The Foreigner, Huntington Playhouse (2011)

"Catherine's fiancé, Rev. Lee, is an unlikely suitor...Played by Eric Fancher, this Rev. Lee is humor-savvy."

- Art Thomas, West Life

Altar Boyz, TrueNorth Cultural Arts (2010)

"When a theater company is able to realize the best of its potential, it’s heavenly...They are an amazing crop of young singers and dancers who very well might be able to upstage the real Backstreet Boys."

- Howard Gollop, The Morning Journal

"The boys are sharp when doing their group numbers. The voices blend pleasingly and they execute director/choreographer Sarah Clare’s often inventive dance moves with energy and precision."

- Christine Howey, Rave and Pan

Dracula: The Comedy, Cassidy Theatre (2009)

"Centering the show is a delightful turn by Eric Fancher as Jonathan Harker.  His delivery and stage presence carry every scene he is in, and the humor is iced by his amazing physical comedy."

- Joe Yachanin, Parma Sun Post

The History Boys, Beck Center for the Arts (2008)

"The students themselves are exceptional, both as an ensemble and individually. Eric Fancher gives confident Dakin a sly boyish grace."

- Christine Howey, Rave and Pan

"Eric Fancher is totally believable as Dakin, the charismatic, sexual mastermind of the group, who uses his powers to overwhelm his classmates, the young female school secretary, as well as the occasional teacher."

- Roy Berko, Scene Magazine

In Sarah May's production, it's the kids who make most of the sparks, especially Matthew Martin Thomas as a moonstruck gay kid, Eric Fancher as the Adonis-like Dakin, and Stuart Hoffman as a thick but pragmatic rugby player."

- Linda Eisenstein, CoolCleveland

Nightmare, Clague Playhouse (2007)

"One falls in love with Eric Fancher as special needs Michael Willis.  This role is portrayed brilliantly."

- Mary Levtzow, The Westlaker

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