An Actor's View


        This is the part of the page where I can tell you about what I'm doing, my experiences with rehearsals and other things.  More of a personal perspective from the actor about his projects.  First let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I was born in Detroit, Michigan and moved to the Cleveland area when I was only one year old.  I grew up in Rocky River, on the west side of Cleveland and graduated from Rocky River High School.  I come from a family of artists, my mother being a music teacher and my father being a Presbyterian pastor (with a B.A. theatre) who enjoys doing the occasional show.  My older brother began acting in shows with my dad when he was in middle school.  I began theatre later in life, starting acting my Junior year of High School and doing my first show my Senior year.  I instantly found a passion for it and have since then been involved with over 50 productions in various ways including actor, director, graphic designer, and video designer.  I have worked in many theatres across the area including many professional, semi-professional, and community theatres.  I now live in Lakewood with my loving girlfriend Sarah Clare and our two cats Tiger Tank and Gizmo.  I currently serve as the resident Media Designer for the Cleveland Shakespeare Festival.